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Gigtron is improvised music powered by batteries, beatbox, disco, dub, live loops and the ghosts of early 80s kids' TV.  It lights up too.


Gigtron is a whimsical battery powered mobile sound system playing entirely live music. 


No computers are involved, just voice, beatbox, synthesiser, vocoder, stylophone, xylophone, and all sorts of other instruments, improvised and recorded live before your very ears in real time into a loop pedal. 


Gigtron is operated by Suzy Condrad, Boss UK Looping Champion, and has been spotted at Shindig Weekender, Harlequin Fayre, Green Gathering, Shambala, Nozstock, Beautiful Days and many other festivals as well as busking streets and markets. 


The tracks here are live jams and there will be more soon!


Above and right: Loop pedal setup
Below and left: Improv Gigtron sets at Shambala Festival 2015
Below centre: Suzy Condrad, reclusive millionaire, origami master and creator of Gigtron


Gigtron is mobile, fully battery powered and uses a 50W amp. This year it will travel on a 4 wheel sack truck rather than having things on the floor like in the photos here! Audience are invited to play with the musical toybox and add their own sounds to the mix.


Gigtron is operated by two people and packs into a VW Polo. Access to 240V mains somewhere to recharge batteries would be helpful though not essential. We have public liability insurance, rain (but not mosoon) contingency and can do up to 3 or 4 sets per day / night. We need level ground not too near a noisy stage.  


Gigtron music is non-toxic, badger friendly and safe for all ages. 


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