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Live take recorded Dec 2016 by Ron Rogers (T'Pau) at Up the Lane Recordings
'My Critical Friend' - live take Jan 2017 with vocals, beatbox and autoharp
'We Never Broke the Window' and 'Fragments' recorded live at Bearded Theory 2016
'Seven Bells' live session for Sofar Sounds, Autumn 2015
'Fifteen Minutes' live session for Harboured Sounds, Autumn 2015 with tuned bottles and kalimba
'Watermelonchamelia' improvised track recorded at home for GigTron Robo Disco walkabout show, Spring 2016
2013 - 2014
2011 - 2012
'Wolf in the Manger' live session recorded for BD Films, 2009
'Shotgun Queen' and 'Blood on the Bathroom Floor' recorded at home as winning entries for Boss Looping Championship (2011-12)
'Walk of Shame' and 'Johnny Done Wrong' live performances recorded at home with synth and uke
'Whose Army' studio production from 'She of Little Faith' album
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