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She's Lost Control (Joy Division cover) - Suzy Condrad
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Cover by Joy Division with synth, beatbox, drum pad, vocoder, thumb piano
Live performance of original song Dec 2016
Original song - recorded live at Bearded Theory 2016 with synth, shells, bottles, vocoder
Original song - recorded live at Bearded Theory 2016 with ukulele, synth, metallophone
Suzy Condrad creates original music with a loop pedal, vocals, harmonies, beatbox and many instruments including synthesiser, ukulele, autoharp, vocoder, chimes, metallophone, thumb piano, melodica and electronic drums. Her ability to create ingenious, complex arrangements rapidly, effortlessly and seemingly out of nowhere mesmerises audiences and even keeps other loop artists guessing. The songwriting and lyrics demand attention in their own right.
She won the Boss Looping UK Championship in 2011 and went on to compete in the World Championship. She has self-recorded and produced 3 albums - She of Little Faith (2013), Street Repeat (2015), GigTron Robo Disco (2016).
All audio recordings on this page are faithful to the solo live arrangements. There is approximately 2 x 45 min set original material and 30 mins cover versions.
She has also developed GigTron Robo Disco (see link), a walkabout improvised interactive spectacle complete with dancers and flashing lights, with fully powered mobile sound system on wheels, which debuted at Nozstock and Boomtown in 2016 and has gone on to play Green Gathering, Beautiful Days, Bearded Theory, Tribal Hearts and many more. 
Previous gigs include Bearded Theory, Shambala, Green Gathering, Beautiful Days, Small World, Harlequin Fayre, LFest, Valley Fest, Lakefest, Boomtown, Musicport Festival, Shindig Weekender, Croissant Neuf Summer Party, Something Else in the Dean, The Troubadour, Ronnie Scotts and Dublin Castle (London), Canteen and Anson Rooms (Bristol), Trades Club (Hebden Bridge).
This is a dynamic live act with a wide appeal from young adults to families. From a programming point of view it's been especially effective as the final act of a night where is a noise curfew, as set the material is upbeat and entertaining for a rowdy crowd, but does not require an actual drum kit.
Influences include Kate Bush, Dub FX, TuneYard, Madness, PJ Harvey, doowop, dubstep, ska, 80s post-punk.
Sessions for Sofar Sounds and Harboured Sounds, Bristol 2015
Above: Three 'one take wonder' live performances recorded at home into Pro Tools
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