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Gigs at Shambala, Green Gathering, Nozstock, Musicport, Harlequin Fayre, Shindig, Small World Spring Gathering, Valley Fest, Something Else in the Dean, Beautiful Days... Now at home trying to keep the vitamin D up and planning the next recordings. See you soon!bout you.

The festival season was busy, with performances at Shambala, Green Gathering, Whirl-y-Fayre, Beautiful Days, Barefoot, Here Comes The Sun, Blue Lagoon, Musicport and others. 


May to June 2014 - on tour with US Loop Champion Angela Sheik - dizzy heights, caffeine lows, satnav bafflement and the joy of finding another woman who understands tech and actually reads the manuals of the gear she owns.

Summer of 2014 I was busking all over the South West.


Busking is something every musician should try because there's no agenda or social power play at work, just a load of people who know nothing about you and never expected to be part of an audience at that moment - if you can turn their heads then you're winning.


Above: Whirl-y-Fayre, my favourite small festival. Below: a new song with my autoharp. Left: Saying goodbye to Angela Sheik after our tour of the UK. Bottom: busking in Camden. Bottom left: my new Roland Street Cube busking amp


Sadly,  more and more councils seem to want to bring in busking licencing schemes (as part of the generally chipping away at civil liberties we have been seeing recently). If more and more councils adopt local schemes then buskers will not be able to afford to travel all over to play and the likes of me will disappear from streets near you!

If you're wondering about the new songs that aren't on 'She of Little Faith', well, it took me two years to produce the tracks on the album myself, and new songs have been born since. I'm hoping to start an EP soon - watch this space!



Writing new material. Getting to grips with the autoharp and re-felting it to make new chords. Making demos with Pro Tools, finally getting my head around compressors. 



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Writing. Making live recordings. Gluing my Xiosynth back together with Araldite after it fell over at a wedding. A performance in Olympia to amaze and bemuse the corporate world. Two gigs in West Yorkshire at the wonderful Trades Club, opening for YouTube legend Jon Gomm and lyrical legends Sleaford Mods. The most amazing feedback-proof microphone ever. Playing music though a sound system which is also a rickshaw! Watch out for us...

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